• Posting Date: 11/10/2022
  • Position: DevOps Engineer
  • Job Type: Full time / C2C
  • Location: Phoenix AZ

Position Overview

With your DevOps engineering background, you’re eager to develop your skills in a cloud environment and provision computer networking, storage, and virtual networks. We’re looking for someone to develop and deploy critical enterprise-based development services to grow modernized technologies. As a DevOps Infrastructure Engineer, you’ll work with cloud architects and engineers specializing in multiple infrastructure-as-code frameworks to manage server configuration for modern cloud solutions.

Job Responsibilities:

  • 5+ years of experience with commercial cloud service providers, including Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, containers, serverless architecture, micro-services, Web services, and RESTful API design
  • Experience designing, implementing, and sustaining cloud-based mission or enterprise IT systems
  • Experience deploying active AWS or Azure services using Infrastructure-as-Code technologies, including CloudFormation, Terraform, or other end state management frameworks
  • Experience with provisioning, installation, configuration, operation, and maintenance of software and infrastructure-as-code in a DevOps and continuous delivery environment using automated deployment and testing frameworks
  • Experience developing API solutions using Infrastructure-as-Code and Cloud oriented strategies
  • Experience working within an Agile and version-controlled environment and associated policies and best practices
  • Experience in Kubernatives containerization.
  • Proficiency in a high-level language like Python, Go, Ruby and/or Java
  • Knowledge of Windows- or Linux-based solutions
  • Experience with multiple CICD and Agile Development tools, including GitLab, Atlassian, or Jenkins
  • Experience developing Linux based solutions using commercial cloud


  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or equivalent