• Posting Date: 11/10/2022
  • Position: Full Stack Developer
  • Job Type: Full time / C2C
  • Location: Phoenix AZ

Position Overview

The Full Stack Software Developer is responsible for design and development of cloud native solutions for the production calculation of psychometric quality statistics. DevOps, Cloud native architecture, and Agile product development experience are required.

Job Responsibilities:

The primary focus will be to implement a complete user interface in the form of a mobile and desktop web app, with a focus on performance. Duties will include creating modules and components and coupling them together into a functional app. The artistic design will be delivered, together with a few HTML templates, but expect support with regards to animations, CSS, and final HTML output. Work as a team with the back-end developer, and communicate with the APIs using standard methods.As a Full Stack Developer, you will be expected to provide development, support and delivery services for complex client applications. This role requires a broad knowledge to troubleshoot and resolve issues, work cross team to develop and implement solutions and provide technical support and consultation.

Skills Required:

  • 5+ Years of experience with minimum of 3+ years Angular 4+/Frontend Development.
  • Having Java/Spring boot knowledge is added advantage.
  • Proficiency with JavaScript and HTML5.
  • Professional, precise communication skills.
  • Deep knowledge of Angular 4+ practices and commonly used modules based on extensive work experience.
  • Creating self-contained, reusable, and testable modules and components.
  • Extensive knowledge of CSS and JS methods for providing performant visual effects and keeping the framerate above 30fps at all times.
  • Creating custom, general use modules and components which extend the elements and modules of core Angular 4+.
  • Experience with all levels of operation available to the front-end, such as from creating XHRs in vanilla JS to using a custom wrapper around resource.
  • Experience with building the infrastructure for serving the front-end app and assets.
  • Proficiency in Angular 6/7/8 and the latest versions
  • Hands on experience on the below modules: Angular CLI, Services, Routing, HTTP, Components, Form handling.