Conveyance Vehicle Management System

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In large scale projects, vehicles are hired in large numbers for project execution. There is a need to ensure optimal utilization. Many times due to lack of operational control results in vehicles being stranded in wrong locations, urgent necessities not addressed, vehicle under utilization, over usage of some, scope for manipulation resulting in wastage, reduction in efficiency consequently reducing performance.

Affine product VTMS, addresses the above factors by implementing operational control with real time tracking including timely and reliable billing.

The solution offers

  • Online Vehicle Booking
  • Live/History Tracking
  • SMS based event notifications, alerts for trip
  • Email notifications
  • Vehicle location, status in real time
  • Distance travelled
  • Comprehensive analytics dashboard and extremely useful reports like On Time Arrival Report, Vehicle Utilization Report
  • Specific MIS Reports: Journey report, Daily report, Monthly report, Halt/Stop Report, Daily Route Journey Reports, Logout Reports (optional) and more
  • Fully integrated, web-enabled solution
  • Other salient features include
  • Online Vehicle booking through app
  • Scheduling-Identifying right vehicle at right time based on location and availability.
  • Scheduling the vehicle to reach the pickup point at the right time.
  • OTP secured vehicle trip tracking
  • SMS triggered to both Driver and the employee on their mobile numbers as a note of confirmation with timing and location details
  • Tracking- Making sure that the job is done by the Driver as per the schedule.
  • Billing-Making sure that proper billing is done for each job based on defined rules.