On Track Control of Vehicle Movement

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On Track Control of Vehicle Movement

The Central Control System for On Track Vehicle Movement objective is to track, monitor and control Heavy Track Machine movements is to facilitate quick movement of machines across the tracks, prevent collisions on track including other safety violations such as speed control, as per railway guidelines.

The system is an integration of a GPS tracker device embedded into each Heavy Track Machine engine on track with a web application installed at Central Server. Following features are included

  • Centralized application access from Central Server
  • GPS tracker device configured in every engine of Heavy Track Machine
  • Uninterrupted GPRS/Wi-Fi two way communication between Heavy Track Machines and Central Server on real time basis
  • GPS mounted device in each machine with following features:
    • Power switch
    • GPRS/Wi-Fi connectivity
    • Signals (Red, Green, Yellow) LED indication as per movements
    • Speed limit value display
    • Buttons to send requests to Central server for various actions such as track clearance verification, post-emergency alarm generation etc.
    • A video panel for Layer wise representation of the 625 km route map
    • Identification of Heavy Track Machine type and track location with color formatting
  • Entry forms and other operations provision for Master Data in Application software
  • Search functionality and display on selection based criteria
  • Alarm configurations and Standards mapping
  • Effective communication with Heavy Track Machines on track for clearance and other activities
  • Identify accurate depth and azimuth location information with 1m précised location and instant communication to respective Heavy Track Machines
  • Generation of Alarms / Alerts wherever necessary in Central server and GPS tracker enabled device, such
    • Dead alarm indication (Anti sleep button) on the system
    • Approach of LC gates
    • Speed limit violation
    • Any two Heavy Track Machines on same track approaching in any direction within defined distance intervals
  • Real‐time facilitating straightforward data interpretation
  • Translation of turnout (physical activity) into electronic activity
  • Dashboard Data representation in Graphical format/ table format, or a combination of both as deemed necessary
  • Progressive zoom in/out based on selected section
  • Automatic scaling of X and Y axis for easy viewing
  • Complete log of events with date and time stamp
  • Hierarchy level based authentication and authorization
  • Remote access to the concerned level at the time of log in
  • Toggle amongst the various levels based on permissions
  • User defined reports in multiple formats