Pipe Erection Monitoring Systems

Affine is a Product Development company and also a global IT Solution provider.

This is a web application, mobile enabled product for monitoring and management solution to track, control and automate piping activities from procurement to billing and reconciliation.

The application provides an end-to-end solution for pipe erection, commissioning and inventory software. It includes automated and authenticated inspections and approval process along with Billing and Reconciliation modules. The solution reduces documentation by nearly 40%, improves productivity and reduces time and cost estimates.


  • Graphical representation of Piping status
  • Procurement & Inventory Management
  • Online inspections & digital signature approvals
  • Mobile, SMS & Email alerts integrated with approvals status
  • User authentication and access privileges
  • Automated Billing and Reconciliation
  • Report Management System

The product has been deployed for L&T Construction and NPCIL for Nuclear Power Plant in Rajasthan and Kakrapar and is operating successfully over the past few years.