Real Time Data Acquisition System

Affine is a Product Development company and also a global IT Solution provider.

Affine's DAS is designed to acquire Data in Real time, process the data and display the data on a mimic. The key features are interface and communication with different hardware, acquire large number of data inputs of several thousands and process it in milli seconds at times less than 100 milliseconds for real time display. DAS comes along with a graphical editor to create user defined mimics for display, data base management for query & historical trending, trigger alarms and statistical analysis.

Affine IT services has successfully designed and delivered an information storage and display system and its primary function is to give visual information to the controllers regarding the time/destination and distinctive number of trains at various locations in the area under his control. System collects signalling information such as signals, points, track circuits, route setting, etc. from various stations interlocking on Real Time basis. Below screen represents train movements with track information for Howrah Zone.


  • On line display of the train movement on the terminals along with layout and status of signaling
  • Interfaces with Passenger Information System and Announcement Systems
  • Monitors and generates alarms related to Operators functions as well as network
  • View expected arrival of trains, cancellation of trains and diversion of trains
  • On-line and Historical view of Train Graphs
  • Occupancy details of berthing lines and sidings availability on terminal
  • Facility to interact with other controllers via audio and/or video mechanisms
  • Log and maintain fault diagnostics information of all the network equipment down to the element level