Affine is a Product Development company and also a global IT Solution provider.

Affine renders IT enabled engineering as one of its core services. Many natural and built engineering processes, devices and/or systems require high fidelity simulations over disparate scales that can be interrogated, analyzed, modeled, optimized or controlled, and even integrated with experiments or physical facilities.

The key identifying factor is that the outcome relies on the development, adaptation, and utilization of one or more of the capabilities offered by advancement of both research and infrastructure in computation and data, either through cross-cutting or disciplinary programs. We encourage adventurous ideas that generate new paradigms and that create and apply novel techniques, generating and utilizing digital data in innovative ways to complement or dramatically enhance traditional computational, experimental, observational and theoretical tools for scientific discovery and application.

System Highlights

  • Graphical Editors, communication adapters and simulation
  • Digital authorization and approvals
  • Auto generated detailed project reports